Image Methodology: Material Studies

For project 2 from my Image Methodology class, we had to create a typeface using objects that are not easily malleable. We were discouraged from using things like wire or string so that we were challenged with the objects that we chose. I decided to go to the dollar store to look for my objects, and it took me a little while and a lot of deciding before I finally settled on some Halloween rings, wire-edged ribbon, and dum dum lollipops. We were encouraged to destroy our objects to try to create letters that we would never have created just by laying the objects next to each other. After experimenting with all the objects, I decided to use the lollipops for my final, because I felt it was the most creative and festive from the other two objects. I chose “Pop Burst” as the tile, because I think that the smashed lollipops fit well with the words. I had thought up of other titles, like “Electric Pop” but I decided not to go with that one because it was too long and it would have been to big for the area that I set up my materials in for the final poster. This was definitely a fun project and I’m so proud of the outcome.


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